Common Mistakes Small Business Owners Do on Social Media

Lack of Consistency

You’ve developed a great followers base on Facebook or Instagram, maybe both. That’s great. Keep that work going. To stay relevant, to develop your followers trust, convince them you are worth it, you need continuity in your connection with them. It’s a lot of hard work you’ve done building up your social channels and accounts. Don’t waste it. Develop a posting calendar and stick to it. For help creating social media calendar, and to discover time saving tools you can use to post , get in touch with us, click this link Contact

Lack of Strategy

Don’t just post for the sake of it. Think SMART. Ask yourself a few brief questions before posting anything (and this includes paid ads too!):

  • Is content specific (for my followers, audience, product, service..)
  • How will you measure success of your post or ad? (Set goals, set success criteria)
  • Is your post relevant to your brand, service, product, customer?
  • Is it a good time to post/place ad? What is the best time?
  • Don’t just boost it, consider ads instead

Boosting posts does not give you the same flexibility as ads. Do not just leave it to Facebook to choose your audiences, locations, timings, placements etc for you and your business. Your budget will drain quickly without your control and not necessarily be spent smart. Take control by choosing your own goals, audiences, locations, placements.

Expect Results Immediately

Just like with any other types of advertising, consumers need time to think. There are sudden purchases that are made instantly. But majority of people will need time to think about what they saw. Do some research, compare prices, check out competition, wait till it’s the right time for them (pay day, for example) etc. That’s why consistency matters as well as certain strategy in place to show your product, remind about it, convince this is the right product and purchase. Ad strategy goes in sequence of these events while taking the customer on this journey. With the right approach culmination will be extra sales you see.

For any questions about strategy or to find out what we offer, please visit our services section of the website

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