Staying Afloat During Covid. Tips for Local Business Owners

Chins up, things will get better! They always do. Meanwhile how do you keep your small business afloat in these challenging times? Here are some ideas:

Engage in innovative thinking in a changed business environment

This is the time to try new ideas. Maybe those you were thinking about for all that time but never had the time or courage to try. Now is the time. Trial new approach, new services, add on services, new direction or idea. You have the time now. Only those will survive who challenge themselves to aspire challenge and reach new heights.

Demonstrating that you care about both your employees and customers

During the pandemic, continue focusing on social responsibility, encouraging followers, customers and clients to “Stay Home”. Perhaps introduce a revised version of your logo, home page, Facebook banner. Include some essential instructions on your Facebook/ Instagram pages for those interested in buying products online and how to do it safely.

Make effective and creative use of social media during the lockdown

Do not abandon your followers during lockdown. During hard times people look for cheering up, and the first source they’ll be going to is social media. Provide encouraging and uplifting content, engage your followers with advice on how to keep well during lockdown. Get them excited about coming back to your business as soon as possible, and that you’re looking forward to seeing them all. Post an image of what to look forward to when things are back to normal.

Get in touch to discuss your ideas!

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