Quality Over Quantity or Less is More! Tips For Organic Growth on Social!

There’s a common misconception about how often to post on social media? It seems obvious that a lot of content posted daily will bring a lot of engagement and hence popularity to your business. A lot of business owners tire themselves out with posting and constantly struggling with ideas to post. As a consultancy owner, I can tell that the most common requirement from clients is to post daily. Because surely daily is good, right? It keeps you in consumers’ feeds, it reminds them about your business? Is this really always true?

Before I start work on any client’s account on social media, I do a thorough evaluation of the data behind it. I look at what was happening in terms of content and its impact, and the kind of engagement it had. More importantly, did it bring value!? After looking at multiple businesses of different nature and caliber, in 70% of their cases, daily multiple posting did more harm than good. Here are the reasons why:

  • Always consider your customer/client/supporter and why they follow or like your page. The content on your page should be relevant to them. After all, this is why they follow you and your business. Will you be able to source relevant, engaging content to post daily? The likelihood is not, and most of your daily posts will end up being about something else rather than relevance.
  • Simple fact is irrelevant (empty) content posted on your social media channels will not give it a great engagement leading to great growth. In fact, for social media channels (e.g. Facebook or Instagram) lack of good engagement on your posts will be a signal that your posts are not interesting and are not worthy of display. Your posts will be at the back of the queue and will not show up in many people’s feeds. Social media platforms like relevant, engaging, interesting content that people like, share or comment on.
  • Think of your customer again – if every time they open up their social media they see your business, with just yet another “page filler” content, they will start ignoring it, skimming through, unsubscribing, unfollowing, muting your updates. Most importantly, they will get in a habit of treating your content as one of those daily “page fillers” irrelevant to them. So, when you do eventually post important articles/information/upcoming sale notes/business updates etc, it’ll not attract your followers’ attention. After all, they are used to skimming through your posts.

After years of experience, I’m convinced the less is more. Impactful, engaging content that stays relevant to people who follow or like your page, account, or profile is the key to success on social media. –> Create a content calendar, plan what you will write about with your customers (followers) in mind. –>Focus on what matters to them. –>Engage with followers when they interact with your content.

** By following these simple techniques, you will establish a great presence on social media, grow your followers who will then become your clients without tiring yourself out with endless posting. It’s all about developing a personal connection between your brand and the customer. If they like and believe in what they read –  they will feel interested, personal, and attached. By spending time on good, relevant content you’re building this connection that will transform into opportunities whether they are sales or collaboration.

*** If you’d like help with social media strategy planning or development – please get in touch! We have experience working for a range of clients, including non-profit. We believe in great organic growth and have seen clients archiving great results with our strategy. Click here to email us

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