What Is a Better Way To Marketing Your Business?

The most important element to anything you do in marketing is the ability to answer the question Why?

-Why do you do what you do?

-Why do you advertise?

-Who is your target audience?

-Why will they like what you do?

There are lots of questions you should answer before any content is created, or ads, or any marketing spent accrued. When you understand the reasons why you do something in marketing, you’ll get better results with your goals.


As a starting point, 👉answer key 4 questions to address your messaging on social or in your marketing overall.

1. Who needs it? 🤔 You want to focus on the right people with your marketing efforts (content, messaging, proposition). Identify who is your customer, and this includes gender, age, interests, location-in other words as many details as you can.

2. Why do they need it? 🤔 So, you’ve identified the profile of your customer. Now, think about why they need your service or product? How will they benefit from purchasing it?

3. Best time to do it? 🕒 Now, is there a reason your customer needs to act now- buy your product, or subscribe to your service? For example, could it be because of an occasion coming up? Or holiday? Or a major life event? etc! In other words, why must they act now? Here, at the same time address best time to post /advertise to reach that customer at the right time. Schedule your activities at the right time to get maximum results.

4. Call to action 📣 One of the most important messages that often gets forgotten or lost in creative. You’ve convinced your prospective customer to try your product or service. They want it. What do you want your prospective customer to do? 🏹 Provide a clear direction from your ad, post, blog, etc. about what to do next depending on your goal, e.g. buy now button leading directly to the right purchasing page of your website; or find out more; or get in touch. In other words, make it easy for your customer to complete the “want/buy” action!

👉 It’s well worth your time to think of these elements to give better results from your marketing!

🌟 If you work with us, we’ll do the audit with you, just like we do for each of our clients. We get to know their business, their short and long-term goals before we act!

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