Small Business Owners Guide to Doing Better in Marketing Their Business On Social Media.

Did you ever wonder why some businesses perform so well on social media and others don’t? Why does some content strike you when you read it and some you just skip?

What is it that you’re missing in the marketing approach that stops you from getting good results like sales, exposure, likes, comments, shares?

The answer is – successful businesses plan their marketing and set their goals before they do anything else. They consistently stick to this plan. Because without a set of pre-defined goals and a clear way to measure them, your marketing is a guess. You are not able to measure results. You don’t know if you progressed anywhere. You might be spending an enormous amount of effort on a certain area of marketing but if you don’t measure how well you’re doing or know if you’re moving towards the right goal, your efforts might be spent in vain.

This is a problem of many local business owners, who attempt doing something just because they feel it’ll work, without making informed decisions why they should be doing something and setting ways of measuring how it went. Lots of budget ends up spent without getting good results.

Setting specific goals will help you prioritize your resources and time more efficiently. It’ll help you understand what you can do yourself and where you are lacking knowledge and will need help.

Here are a few ideas and tips to help you set your goals across :
Social Media Marketing

When setting goals be specific here. Identify who your right customer is? What age, demographic they are. How do they like to spend their time? Where do they live? What problems do they have, and can you offer a solution? How your product or service will help them solve their problem? From here you’ll be able to identify what social media platforms exactly you need. You might not need to utilize all of them available If you are on a budget, like most local business owners, or have time constraints, adopt only those platforms where a majority of your customers are.

Your goals on social media could be:
-Increase engagement of your posts. Set specific number, e.g. increase engagement by 20%
-Increase likes of your page or increase in new members for your group. Be specific, set the number of new members, or percentage of likes. Base this decision on past data, and what increase you want to achieve.
-Increase leads. Set the number of leads
-Increase new customer influx. Again be specific, set the number of new customers that will make your social media efforts (organic or paid ads) worthwhile it. For example, how many new customers you need to get in an e.g. one month to make a good return on your investment.

Be realistic when creating goals and their measure. This is important as any success is usually a combination of skills and time, it’s not immediate. When setting your goals be time-specific. Above I mentioned one month, but maybe for you, it’ll be two weeks (if you’re doing a trial), or 3 months, etc. No matter how long or short this time frame is, it is important to regularly catch up with numbers to make sure you’re doing well and moving in the right direction achieving your set goals.

*** If you need advice based on your specific business model, here at Successful Flare we can help to define your strategy, goals, and tactics. Get in touch, we’d like to work with you and your business or idea:

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