Why Do More and More Business Owners Outsource Their Marketing?

Outsourcing marketing is getting increasingly popular amongst established businesses and new ventures alike.

There are several reasons why it’s in demand. Here are some of the reasons.

  1. Savings

If you were to do hire an in-house permanent marketing employee for your business, the average price tag is from £25K-£65K p/month depending on experience. This also comes with a weight of extra tax and pension contribution from you as an employer. Outsourcing marketing to a freelancer or consultancy, like Successful Flare, means you pay only for the time you need the service. Sometimes it’s a month, or two – however long without a burden of lengthy and costly payments and commitments. 

2. Convenience

Most consultancies, for example, Successful Flare, will ask for a minimum commitment of one month. Contracts are on a rolling basis, cancel any time. No hassle. You only pay for what you’ve used. We are responsible for our taxes too. Less paperwork for you.

3. Impact

Solo consultancies or smaller agencies tend to be more personal in approach to client’s work. They thrive on success. This is how they get referrals for other future businesses. It is important to get the job done well and develop a meaningful connection with a client’s business. There’s no hype or arrogant behavior. Clients are usually communicated swiftly, especially in critical and time-sensitive situations, not just around ‘office hours’.

Hope this quick guide helps in making your decision on who to trust with the marketing of your business. 

Does it sound like your business might benefit from outsourcing marketing?

If you need short-term marketing help, or you’re looking to outsource your marketing or require some training to learn how to do it yourself, then look no further than Successful Flare.

Send us an email: hello@successfulflare.com

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