How to Use Emotions to Drive Sales

I’ve recently come across an #Instagram post that made me read it before I knew who it was written by.

Before I knew what they did and who they were, I read the entire post and it made me emotional. I felt for a person and their journey could understand their personality.

💫 The post was about a #doctor who moves jobs and leaves the clinic where he worked so many years behind. It was a heartfelt story, full of sad emotions but when I read it until the end, it prompted a mix of sad and happy feelings for him. It also reminded me about my journey, such as career, job moves, clients, house moves and so many other things that happened in the past. In fact, it made me go to a person’s profile and follow them.

Visit my Instagram to learn or remind yourself about how brands connect with people and how followers become customers! How to use emotions to #convert and #sell!

Click on the link below to visit my Instagram and my article:

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